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Tactical mast development: How it works, and how it affects the product quality?

The constant tactical mast development, along with improving our accessories and other related products are the key factor, when business is based on long term customer relationships and products have long life cycles. At Mastsystem, we work together with our customers and partners by gathering firsthand user experience, real-life examples, and feedback.  Based on this feedback, combined with our internal testing, we can then design, implement, and test product feature improvements in line with our ISO- and AQAP quality standards.

Case: 650mm guy stake

One great case example of tactical mast development is our field mast 650mm guy stake enhancement project. The update of guy stake design extends the lifespan of this crucial field mast deployment accessory. Remodeled, more rugged, forged guy stake head withstands more sledgehammer hits, is also more user friendly and withstands missed punches better. Crew of Mastsystem professionals designed the improvements based on our longer, 850mm- and 1000mm guys stake designs, and also with the help of customer feedback. Testing was proven successful, and new design is now verified for production.

Tactical mast development example

Updated 650mm guy stake design (left)


This is prime example about simple, yet effective design improvement which not only improves product lifespan, but also benefits the overall usability.

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Mastsystem Int’l Oy’s quality – and environmental management system fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AQAP 2110 standards. Masts and accessories have been proven to meet the environmental requirements in accordance with the MIL-STD 810 and DEF STAN 00-35.

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