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Mastsystem magazine features. Stories about our tactical composite mast systems, mast accessories and mast related services can be found from interactive profile page. Mastsystem is featured in many domestic and international defence industry publications. We are also also featured in various pages of the latest Military Systems & Technology magazines.

Latest magazine features:

Q2 – Edition 2 – 2023

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Q1 – Edition 1 – 2023

Starting from February 2023, we are celebrating our resellers with monthly reseller highlight news stories. To emphasize our devoted reseller network, we made sure to highlight our partners also in the first edition of Military Systems & Technology magazine! Read more from pages 90-91: Military Systems & Technology Magazine – Q1 – 2023

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Q4 – Edition 4 – 2022

Read about Mastsystem’s consultative sales approach, and how long-term partnerships are achieved.

“Our approach is to always find the most optimal solution that meets the requirements . Tactical mast system configurations can go from very light, man portable systems all the way up to heavy-duty vehicle mounted mast system solutions, and then integrated as part of the communication system. Our long experience in this field enables us to understand and take into account all variables, which means that the customer receives a system that does not only come with optimal performance, but is also cost-effective and can easily be maintained with our support.”

“Configuration and manufacturing of products are just beginning of the story. We are your partner throughout the whole system lifecycle. This is one of the reasons, why so many of our customers want to have long lasting relationships with us. In addition to the physical products, they also have our full support, access to spare parts, training, and maintenance services. In addition to extensive standard product range, all of our products can customised and tailored to meet your exact requirements. Our product and service mix makes us very versatile company, with entire team of professionals who are true experts in tactical communication field.”

Mr. Jarmo Pelli

Sales Director

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Year 2022 features:

Edition 2 – 2022 – Mastsystem at Eurosatory 2022! – Military Systems & Technology Magazine – Q2 – 2022

Edition 3 – 2022 – Tactical composite mast systems from Finland, since year 1984 – Military Systems & Technology Magazine – Q3 – 2022

Edition 4 – 2022 Story of Mastsystem’s consultative sales approach – Military Systems & Technology Magazine – Q4 – 2022


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