Mastsystem reseller highlight – ADVAM Srl – Italy

Mastsystem reseller highlight – ADVAM Srl – Italy 

In second edition of our reseller highlight series: ADVAM Srl – Italy. We are a global mast system supplier, and our products are used in more than 50 countries world-wide. Our operation also includes great selection of resellers, dedicated to supply customers with state-of-the-art mast systems, solutions, and services.

ADVAM Srl – Italy 

While driving through Toscana valleys on a customer visit, Giuseppe Fabiano is telling the history of his company.

Giuseppe has been acting as a representative and distributor for several recognized manufacturers since 1997 in company Medeos. During those years, he has become familiar and expertized with different products, not only mast systems but especially products for RF & Microwave applications.

Company Advam was founded in 2016. The name of the company comes from Italian Adesso va meglio meaning Now it’s better. Name is describing company’s ambition to target to better service, better products and be able to deliver the customer the complete solution – not only single components. Target markets of the company are aerospace & defence, telecommunications as well as wireless communications, transport & traffic, automotive and security.

As long-term representative of Chelton antennas, Giuseppe got the idea to turn to Mastsystem (Cobham Mast Systems in those days) to be able to have the masts to support the antennas as well. The negotiations were finished in 2017 where Advam became an intermediary for mast products.

Giuseppe highlights some points when discussing Mastsystem’s products and services. First of all, the company has a wide range of products, in which we can find a suitable solution for most of the incoming requests.

Secondly, especially the so-called heavy use products are something which most of the competitors cannot offer. Thirdly, Mastsystem has almost 40 years’ experience of manufacturing mast systems and delivering them around the world – the masts are backbone in many projects and been carrying top loads for decades. And last but not least – Mastsystem is a solution provider – not only masts, but also different kinds of accessories and ancillaries complete the package.

After the pandemic had started in 2020, Giuseppe along with other representatives have been forced to create new ways of reaching the customers, as visitors have not been allowed for several years. This has been a very challenging period especially in Italy, where personal contacts and meetings are highly appreciated. In many companies the employees are still working partly remote, and it is difficult to arrange meetings, where all people involved could be attending at the same time.

The most important thing in connecting with the customers is to have promoting approach and to try to get in touch not only with purchasers but only with technical people on all levels of decision making. The role of a consultant is highly valued.

Mastsystem is grateful for the smooth and fruitful co-operation with Advam and looks forward to deepening the collaboration in coming years.

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Sales Manager

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