EXL-mast updated

The best is now even better – EXL-mast update

We are thrilled to introduce the new EXL-Mast model update! This upgrade is designed to offer our customers even better performance, ease of use, and maintainability in operation. The EXL-Mast has been a long-standing favourite among many of our customers, and now it’s even better. Because to the fresh model update, the EXL-Mast has reached a new level and provides several advantages that make it an integral part of your mast system.

Product Development Process

Consistently advancing our tactical mast technology play a pivotal role in our business, particularly when it revolves around building enduring customer relationships and products with extended lifespans. At Mastsystem, we collaborate closely with our clients and partners to acquire first-hand user experiences, real-world use cases, and feedback. This information, coupled with our internal testing, forms the basis for designing, implementing, and testing product feature enhancements in alignment with our ISO and AQAP quality standards.

The product development of the EXL-mast update was initiated in November 2022, and it proceeded exceptionally smoothly. We defined the areas for product improvement and gathered ideas from our customers, production teams, and internally. This collaboration provided us with valuable insights and ideas that guided the entire upgrade process. Throughout the entire development project, approximately 70% of all customer-suggested improvement ideas have been implemented. This demonstrates our commitment to listening to our customers’ needs and improving our product based on their feedback.

Just like all our products, the new EXL-Mast has been rigorously tested and proven to be functional.


EXL-mast update


Benefits of the EXL-mast Model Update

The new EXL-Mast offers numerous benefits from both a production and customer perspective.

Two key improvements include:

  1. Enhanced Maintainability: Special attention has been paid to making maintenance easier in the new EXL-Mast. Maintenance procedures have been made effortless and quick, reducing downtime, and keeping the masts in peak condition. This means long product life cycle combined with low maintenance costs. Also, Dyneema-belt is now standard and further improves the reliability and reduces the needs for the maintenance.
  2. Comfortable to handle: Additionally, the update focuses on the handle characteristics of the mast. The new mast is designed with user needs and ergonomics in mind, making it easier and more comfortable to handle.

The Future of the Mastsystem products

The EXL-Mast model update is ready, and the first upgraded masts are already in production. In the future, we will continue to update our other masts with the same principle, learning from our clients, our production, and our partners so that we can exceed our customers’ expectations. Exciting new projects are already in the planning stages, and we can look forward to the world of tactical telescopic masts evolving into an even better and more efficient one.

Keep an eye out for future updates and be a part of Mastsystem’s growing story. We look forward to how we can serve you even better in the future.

If you want to learn more about our updated EXL-Mast, contact our sales team and inquire about a mast that suits your needs!

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