How we meet your needs

Mast System - How we meet your needs

During our 40 years of operation, we have learned to ask the right questions from our customers and to produce mast systems that meet the customers’ needs. Our customer work and all of our operations are based on reliability, expertise and continuity.

Reliability is the key of co-operation

During our long company history, we have supplied tens of thousands of mast systems to over 50 countries globally. We do not use our customers to test our product, we provide mast systems that have been tested according to the MIL-STD-810 standards and confirmed to work well. Due to our global operations, our mast systems need to work reliably in the different environments they are used. Tolerance to cold, sun light, ice and wind pressure, as well as the combined effect of the elements and variations of these elements are tested by each product in different accredited laboratories.

We know our products, their capabilities, and where they work best. We redeem our promises every time, and we also tell you, if our solutions are not suited for your needs.

Our customers will always receive the right and sustainable solution, keeping the life cycle costs of our products low. We also promise you that our product support will be available for the entire life cycle of our delivery, and guarantee a spare parts service for our products for 15 years.


Expertise leads to the right solution

Challenge us to produce a solution that meets your needs! The initial information and technical specifications can be very specific, but it can also consist of only the required mast height and the weight of the equipment lifted to the mast. Our experts will establish the required specifications and give their opinion on the suitable solution. Our solution may be a standard product, but if needed, we will supply a custom variation of the solution to meet our customer’s needs.

With us, customisation means that we make the right choices between already available components. If the solution is different from the original design, our experts will tell you about it and explain the solution. The technical solutions of the masts we supply must serve their purpose and the customers’ needs.

We are aware that our supplied mast system is a part of a valuable communications system or a similar structure, where each element must work.

The production of the right mast system requires experience and expertise, which our customers are able to see from the very first contact.

Continuity is based on a life cycle partnership

Our company operates on a stable financial and ownership base. Our customers can rely on the continuity of our company and our operations. During our long company history, we have gotten used to working in a global environment and in different cultures, and always operate according to good commercial practices and local regulations.

We take responsibility of our products. In addition to our product warranty, we offer a service guarantee for the spare parts and material deliveries, as well as a partnership for the entire life cycle of the delivered mast system.

First step in finding the right solution for you

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